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Jacks Prices

Jacks Battle Powder 3F (Goex)... $400 (25 lbs.) $16.00 per lb
Goex 1FG-4FG... $475 (
25 lbs.) $19.00 per lb
Goex Cannon Powder ... $462.50 (
25 lbs.) $18.50 per lb

Jacks Cannon 44 Small Bore... $400 (25lbs) $16.00 per lb

Jacks Cannon 33 medium Bore... $400 (25lbs) $16.00 per lb

Jacks Private powders are for blanks firing, pyrotechniques, and Fireworks.

It is a Goex product.



We provide delivery prices to local events - Bulk Powder Sales!
Delivery to events of custom cannon and musket rations subject to quote from Angelo @ 318-240-4841
Call for Quotes--
These orders will vary with volume and event location.
Special Event Pricing for your reenactment!

Order in Advance
Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery!

Sorry NO Mixed Cases 
Someone must sign to receive your powder!
9.5% taxes in Louisiana

All Jacks prices include shipping costs

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